Monday, May 14, 2012

tips for a RS basic quilting class

We had a lot of requests from the Relief Society sisters in our ward to learn to quilt. A couple of months ago, we held a basic quilting class that was very successful. Here's how we set it up:

One of our instructors, Monica, teaching binding.
I approached three very experienced quilters to "team teach" the class, so no one teacher would become overwhelmed. We broke the class into a three part series and each teacher was responsible for one part. They were all so enthusiastic and did an awesome job!

Marina's finished table runner.

We started by getting together to throw around ideas and choose a simple project. We decided a table runner was doable and would teach all the basics of quilting. 

Monica designed a pattern and instructions for a runner that included a border. (She teaches at American Quilting in Orem and has designed her own quilts.) Each teacher then took the instructions and made a table runner. It was nice because they all looked so different and appealed to a variety of sisters.

Roxy sewing on her binding. I love that "vintage" machine! Works like a charm.

Information and Instructions
We sent out the details via e-mail and in the RS binders, along with a supply list for the class. Ruth has a gift for choosing fabrics, so she typed up a great handout on fabric selection that was also included.

Fabric Selection
I arranged to have our instructors available at a local quilt shop--Just Sew in Highland--one Saturday morning to help sisters choose fabrics and answer questions. The shop gave our ward members a discount on supplies purchased for the class.

I went in later to thank the shop owner and let her know we had received multiple compliments about how wonderful and helpful her employees had been. She responded by telling me she thought things had been very well organized. We'll be working together again for some other upcoming classes. ;)

Class Schedule
The two hour classes were divided up according to the quilting process.
Week 1: Rotary Cutting/Sewing taught by: Ginny
Week 2: Assembly/Borders taught by: Ruth
Week 3: Binding taught by: Monica

*We had a two week break between weeks 2 and 3, so projects could be sent to the quilter. (We're lucky to have two sisters in our ward who have quilting machines!)

Each instructor was responsible for the demonstration and instruction--along with any handouts--for her week. The other two teachers were available to assist.

Set Up
Set up was relatively simple. We used the cultural hall all but the last week. The first night (rotary cutting/sewing), we had one section of tables for cutting and another set for the sewing machines. Our demo table was placed in the center. The following two weeks we only needed tables for sewing machines. (All rotary cutting was done on the first night.)

We provided a few bowls of munchies (pretzels, M&M's) on a table for snacking. We couldn't possibly quilt without chocolate!

We have very supportive brethren. Two even made their own runners!

Encouraging Others
We encouraged sisters who weren't taking the beginning class, to join us and work on other quilting or sewing projects, or a quilt we made for a special sister in our ward who was in an accident and bedridden.

It was so rewarding for me to see  so many sisters learn a new skill. As a result of the class, there have been break off groups who have worked on other quilting projects and one of the instructors, Ruth, will now be heading up a monthly quilting group/class.

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  1. Very inspiring! I wish I was in your ward to benefit from such talent!!