Friday, April 6, 2012

simple journaling

I have a document on my desktop labeled "Ella Funnies." Each time E says something sweet or darling or funny, I add it to the list. I've been keeping it since 2008. It's a super simple way to journal and I love going back to read it occasionally. I tried writing things down, but this is much easier for me simply because I don't have to keep track of a notebook. When I fill a page, I print it out and add it to her life story binder.

Here's the latest entry.

Me: Would you like to take cupcakes or cookies to Kindergarten for your birthday treat?
Ella: I want donuts.
Me: Really? We can order cupcakes or frosted cookies in a shape at Dippadee.
Ella: No, donuts. But not the donut skins with the invisible frosting.
Me: What? (laughing) Oh, you mean glazed donuts. 
Ella: Not those. I just want regular donuts with chocolate frosting and sprinkles.

Happy birthday, Ella Bella. xox

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  1. I love breaks. They are much needed. Glad you are back :)