Wednesday, January 11, 2012

wedding day: mr. + mrs. patrick mccrary

I'm finally feeling like I'm back among the living. When the Dr. said it would take three weeks to recover from the influenza bug I had, I should have believed him.

Christmas was simple and wonderful. I only got half the decorations up and we ate off paper plates for Christmas dinner. Guess what? The world never stopped turning. Not once. :)

And we made it through the wedding. It was delightful and beautiful and perfect. Until we get the photographer's photos back, here are a few I quickly snapped . Can't wait to see the others.

We adore Ashlee's parents and family. She has four sisters, zero brothers.

Check out those blue skies and no snow. It's the middle of winter in Utah, people! Just a little chilly, but the sunshine was wonderful.

That is one. happy. boy. There is nothing more wonderful to this momma than to see her children make good choices and be so incredibly happy. Love him to pieces.

And this girl. We seriously scored in the daughter-in-law department. There's a list a mile long of things we love about her: she's beautiful and smart and fun and loves and lives the gospel. She's practical and wants to be a homemaker and is as excited as Patrick to have little ones. We couldn't love her more.

All the nieces (and sister, Ella) had matching outfits. They looked darling. (Ella and Madi didn't want to wait until the reception.)

Ella is thrilled to have a slew of new "cousins." (Not really, but we're all fine with letting her think they are.) And there are a lot of them! :)

Among the tears of joy and high fives, was silliness and laughter.

Seriously, it could not have been a more perfect day.


  1. I've been waiting for the photos. She's certainly a beautiful girl. Congrats!