Friday, December 16, 2011

gifted: Christmas teacher gift

When it comes to gifting others, I tend to give things I love or would love to receive.

I sent Ella off this morning with a set of six of these mini latte bowls from Anthropologie for her teacher, Mrs. Reiber. I packaged them in cellophane with a red ribbon bow and matching tags from Sass and Peril. I also used this set from Lemon Squeezy. (Both are free downloads.) When I came across the tags on Pinterest and they matched so perfectly, I knew it was meant to be. :)

I know I've shared these bowls before, but they are still a favorite and I use them for so many things. They're the perfect size for ice cream and sprinkles for Ella and I have them filled with buttons and baubles throughout my craft studio. It's fun to open my desk drawer and see them filled with paper clips and staples. I also use them when I pre-measure spices and ingredients when cooking or baking.

I had Lynn pick up an extra set for another special someone. I hope they both enjoy them as much as I do.

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