Tuesday, October 25, 2011

out and about: sundance, utah

My sweet husband loves to plan surprises. And I love surprises. Yep, we make a great team. :) When we were first married, we spent a lot of time and weekends at Sundance. It's one of our favorite places to turn off the rest of the world and just breathe for awhile. I can literally feel the tension leave my neck and shoulders as we climb the hill to the resort.

About two week ago, Lynn told me, "Don't plan anything for this certain Saturday (last week)." He arranged for a babysitter and made reservations at my favorite place to eat at Sundance, The Foundry Grill. I had mentioned a couple of times that I really wanted to drive the Alpine Loop to see the fall colors. So after lunch, we did. It was a perfect day.

It was so peaceful and nice to just sit and soak in the light.

I liked this design. It was the vent next to our table.

I had the chef grill--instead of lightly fry--the fish for my fish tacos. They were perfect.

For dessert, I told our waiter I wanted something "fall-ish." He suggested the apple pie with salted caramel-something ice cream--good stuff.

I did a little shopping after lunch. I'm loving wood bowls right now. I've been trying to find a long, wood tray for my kitchen table to arrange my candles in.

One of the things I love about fall is the pumpkins and squash--especially these mini versions.

This sign is a little rustic for me, but I loved the words.

Did I tell you I love wooden bowls and trays and plates?

Handmade pillows in a vintage-y chair--love.

With the Art Center now completed, there were two wedding receptions going on. I thought this sign was darling.

The Foundry Grill is right around that corner.

I had a friend tell me recently, that she thought all husbands should take husband lessons from Lynn. I agreed. :)

Happy fall.

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