Thursday, September 29, 2011

celebrate: look who's three!

Our sweet little granddaughter, Madilyn, turned three last week. She loves to have her nails done, so Kate decided to give her a nail spa party. She made arrangements with the nail place she has her own nails done to have each of the party guests get a manicure and pedicure.

It was quite a simple party since someone else was doing most of the work. Kate brought balloons and made up gift bags for each of the girls. How darling are those bags? They were filled with little girl make-up, nail polish, jewelry and ring pops. Each also had a crown for the princesses to wear while they were being pampered. :)

One of the highlights was choosing from all those nail polish colors. Of course, the more obnoxious and bright the color the more the girls liked it.

The nail artists didn't use any harsh chemicals like they do for grown-ups.

And some girls (uh hem...Ella), really enjoyed being pampered. E kept the vibrating chair going to entire time and was very relaxed. I think we're in trouble. :) I love the nail art on Ella's nails. When the artist added glitter, it was all over!

Madi loves purses--a slight understatement. She carries them around loaded with all her little treasures. She loves to play with Kate's wallet, so when asked what she wanted for her birthday, all she would say is, "A black wallet with three dollars and some coins." Okay. (And then she asked Grandma and Poppa for everything else.) :)

The girls enjoyed cupcakes with pink sprinkles (Madi's request). (Guess I should have waited until after the manicures to take the cupcake photo. Oh well.) Then Madi opened her gifts. It was a great little party and the girls had a delightful time.

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