Thursday, May 19, 2011

three things thursday: jewelry, kitchen towels and organizing craft projects

I saw a little girl's necklace on Etsy awhile back I thought was so sweet. It simply said, "loved." I knew I wanted one for Ella, but it was more than I was willing to spend for a five year old.

I was at a boutique a couple of weeks ago and came upon a booth named Lia Alana Originals. There was a a darling CTR (Choose the Right) necklace I loved and was going to get for Elles. Sheri, the owner and designer, mentioned that she could also stamp any other words on the pendants. In about 20 minutes I had a "loved" necklace for Ella. I was thrilled and Elles loves it. 

Total cost, $10. That includes the stamped pendant, two charms (I chose the pink gem and filigree) and the chain. The necklaces are sterling silver plated, that's why they're less expensive than sterling. If you keep them in the little plastic bag they come in, they won't oxidize. 

This is going to be my new go-to birthday/celebration gift for Ella's little friends. Sheri lives in Alpine (for you locals), so I can just order and pick it up.

Don't you just love a new stack of kitchen towels?

I'm a little picky particular about my kitchen towels. I search and search for one that won't snag, is a solid color (no lame pictures) and absorbent. I keep going back to the Sonoma brand at Kohl's. They meet my criteria and the price is right. Though they retail for $6.99, when they go on sale I get them for $3 and a little change (I sound like QVC :)) each. I buy a half dozen at a time. I do wish they came in more up-to-date colors, but I like the red.

Keeping things in order around here is a constant battle. Luckily I enjoy organizing, though in some of my spaces right now you'd never know it! I've had "project containers" for awhile now, but they were large plastic bins all the same size with non-latching lids. I used them mainly for quilting projects.

Many of my friends--Lisa, Michelle and Maggie--have used this style instead. I jumped on the bandwagon and have been using them for a few months now. I love them! Each one holds the supplies for a specific project I'm working on. The large one has Ella's quilt and the medium one is some button bracelets I was playing with for the AD girls. The smaller ones have supplies for the button cover ponytail holders I just made and the other is for more fabric flowers. I even keep any instructions and patterns in with the supplies. If I'm going to Maggie's for sewing/craft day, I can grab a container and go or if Ella is upstairs and wants me near her, I can work at the kitchen table instead of my studio.

These specific ones I purchased at Target (I liked the green handles :)). They're the RE: Room Essentials Target brand.

Happy Thursday!


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  2. Kim--You're an absolute doll! Thank you for your sweet comments on our work at LiaAlana Originals. I've got the craziest story to tell you, when you've got the time. 801-999-0542 Be sure to stop in at Holy Cow. I'd love to give you a little something to say thank you :)

  3. I just stumbled upon your blog after seeing someone "pin" your organization folder on Pinterest and I've spent the past hour reading!! So glad I found the blog and you rock for posting the link to the necklaces! I've been wanting to get matching ones for me and my daughter and the ones I've seen on Etsy are way too expensive.