Monday, May 9, 2011


It was a great day. Lynn and the kids spoiled me rotten...again. I used to hate Mother's Day because it was guilt-promoting. I've since learned that those "perfect mothers" I compared myself to are non-existent. And those who spend their time trying to paint a picture of being the perfect mother usually have the most issues. :) Just my own observation--don't blast me for it.

Now I love Mother's day. I've learned a few things. Someday I need to write them down. But for now, I'm still wallowing in the happiness of being pampered--and spoiled.

I do have to mention though, that our Bishop gave a short, sweet message to the sisters in the Relief Society yesterday that has really stuck with me. The part I remember most was when he said that our husbands/children love us--not because we are perfect--but because of how we love them. And that is something I can do perfectly--love them.

I also very much appreciated that the Sacrament Meeting talks were "business as usual" (great talks on the restoration) and not the usual talks about those non-existent perfect mothers. The primary children singing was the best part--it always is.

Lynn told me Ella wanted to give me flowers for two weeks. She was so excited when Mother's Day finally came.

One of the best parts of doing this parenting thing the second time around, is that I get these sweet little handmade gifts again. I still have all the ones my other kiddos made me. Love them. Ella made the butterfly card at preschool and hid it from me for a whole week. She also made a pipe cleaner/bead bracelet and a book in Primary of things she loves.

Lynn does not enjoy cooking, so it's quite a deal when he does. I chose loaded nachos for dinner. (You really can't mess them up too much :)) He did a great job on the homemade tortilla chips, but thought they were very labor intensive to make. It's worth it! :)

Patrick brought two darling "baby cakes" from Flour Girls and Dough Boys bakery--one chocolate and one vanilla--for dessert.

I got tickets to see the JG in concert in Salt Lake City in August. So excited!

(His latest album, Illuminations is great! I think it might just be my favorite. Check out Higher Window and Hidden Away on iTunes if you haven't heard them. And Love Only Knows. It's going to be a great concert.

Lynn also took me to lunch on Saturday at Macaroni Grill. I always get the same thing--salmon. I miss the teriyaki salmon a lot, but I have them put the honey balsamic glaze on my salmon now and it's pretty good.

Kate picked out a beautiful bracelet at Chico's for me and added a gift card. Thanks, Kate! Love them. I think I'll use the gift card to buy some fabric and thread. I'll be needing them for some projects using my new serger! Ahhhhhhhh! It was a TOTAL surprise, since I pretty much knew about the Josh Groban tickets and wasn't expecting anything else. I've been hinting I wanted one, but was thinking maybe Christmas. Patrick and Lynn went in together and bought it. They love surprises...and I love getting them!!! You know I'll be making some fun projects with that little baby. I can't wait.

Yes, I'm feeling very spoiled.

I hope you were spoiled rotten too!

Better run, the girls are trying to see how high they can get the water in the toilet to rise. Back to the realities of motherhood! :)


  1. You were spoiled! You deserve it.

  2. You lucky dog! Josh Groban! I never I had a son; I want to adopt him. We had tickets 2 years ago in Phoenix but it was cancelled!

  3. Happy Mother's day! I had Nacho's for my Mother's day dinner too... too funny!