Sunday, February 13, 2011

sharing the love--valentine's matchbook template

I saw some darling matchbook valentines and decided to make some for Ella and Madi to take to their friends at school and daycare. I searched everywhere and couldn't find a tutorial or template download so I decided I could figure it out on my own.

I used Katie Pertiet's Little Hearts digital kit for the design. I really like the sweet little animal figures.

The bunny is the girl's favorite.


I found these mini packages of Sweethearts candies to tuck inside. They come in packages of 24 at Walmart.

I printed the matchbox covers on glossy cardstock, cut them out, scored on the lines (bottom flap and top fold lines), then folded them up and stapled the candy package inside. Easy, peasy.

I love how they turned out. Madi jumped up and down when I showed them to her. Ella sorted over and over and decided which friend gets which design.

Here's the template I created using Photoshop Elements. You can add your own papers and digital elements. It's fun (and useful) to swap out the candy for sheets of paper and make a mini notebook. It would be the perfect size to keep in a purse or kid's backpack.



  1. Super cute Kim! Emma would love these. Any girl would love these!

    Check out this blog to see the funny Valentines my niece's kids made

  2. When I click on the link, nothing appears. Would you mind sending me the download so my daughter can make these for her classmates?

    1. I am also trying to see template but nothing is appearing. Could you also send to me please.

  3. Another great project!! Thank you for the inspiration and the template!

  4. Thanks, Nancy. And you are welcome. Enjoy!