Sunday, February 20, 2011

karson's car quilt & burper pads

We've all been sick around here. First Madi and Kate, then Ella, now Lynn and I. Eck! Lynn and I settled in for a good week of being miserable, but we seem to be getting over it a lot quicker than the others. Lots of water, rest, essential oils and Theraflu seem to be doing the trick.

I got Karson's quilt quilted (thanks, Jen!) and stitched on the binding this week. I love stitching on the binding. For me, the handwork is the reward for all the rest of the work. I decided to wash it before giving it to the kids. I love the way it crinkles up and gets soft and yummy smelling.

Jen put Karson's name and *heart* grandma in the stitching. She also hid the cutest little car and a star. We'll let Mommy and Daddy find them.  

I used this fun stripe I cut on the bias for the binding. (Thanks AGAIN, Maggie for helping me remember how to cut bias binding.)

I had some fabric left over, so I stitched up some matching burper pads. The grosgrain ribbon tags serve no purpose other than they look nice hanging out the edge and it's a fun little detail.

Lynn bought some Hot Wheels cars to include in our little care package. We know it'll be a long time before Karson can use them, but they look so cute with everything else. And we all's all about the PACKAGING! Karson can drive them along the roads on the back of the quilt.

It's so hard not to be able to snuggle with the little guy, but I love knowing he'll be snuggled in a quilt I made him. Love you Kars.