Thursday, December 23, 2010

tea cup pedestal

When choosing gifts, I like to make/purchase things I like myself. It makes it more fun, but also a little harder to give away sometimes. :) I’m loving my tea cup pedestals, so I decided to make one for Ella’s preschool teacher and her play therapist as Christmas gifts.

When we went to Family Night at my brother’s house, my sister-in-law asked me what I was giving Ella’s teacher for Christmas. (She’s a teacher.) She wanted to make sure it wasn’t anything with an apple on it. I assured her she’d taught me well. I explained what I was doing and it met her approval. Whew! ;) Actually, it’s a great idea to go to a teacher to find out what another teacher might like or not like.

So here’s a quick tutorial on making tea cup pedestals. Super simple and I love them.


Purchase a tea cup and matching--or not--saucer or salad  plate. (I got mine at TJ Maxx.) I like using a salad size plate, just because it holds more.


If the bottom of your tea cup is smooth, rough it up a bit with some sand paper or a large nail file. Apply E-6000 adhesive to the bottom rim. Oops, I probably didn’t need to apply so much, but it comes out of the tube rather quickly. Wait a few minutes before attaching to the plate.


Flip the tea cup over and center it on the bottom of your plate. The adhesive doesn’t dry quickly, so you can move it around a bit if needed and then clean up any excess.
Let dry for 24 hours.


Add a homemade treat or other goodie, wrap in cellophane and tie with a festive bow. I love giving treats in a reusable container or gift. Lynn asked what I was going to do with the other pedestal plate. I told him, “Keep it.” Did I say I love them?

Other ideas for goodies:
a holiday decoration (a snowman perhaps?)
hair bows and barrettes (for a child or baby)


  1. You are amazing. Can you believe I forgot to do teacher gifts? I totally spaced it. I am going to have to try this. Thanks.

  2. I am loving this project. I got a really cool candle holder and plate to make one. Your teacher sister-in-law saw it today and loved it, too. My super glue was old and didn't work. The tea cups and plates are too cute. Happy Christmas to all of you.

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