Thursday, December 16, 2010

little angel

Whatever! Don't let this sweet and angelic face fool you. She. Is. A. Little. Stinker.


I wrap my presents as I purchase them to avoid having to stay up all night Christmas Eve. This little stinker pulled all the labels off! Now I’m trying to figure out what is what and who it belongs to. So Patrick, if you open a size two dress with leggings, don’t try it on.

Then I had a one pound box of See’s candy “hidden” in my armoire in my bedroom. I like to savor these little goodies, so I eat one every day or every few days to make them last. I noticed that my box was emptying rather quickly. I blamed Lynn. He loves See’s as much as I do. He swore he’d only eaten a few.

Fast forward a few days when the entire box has been consumed and Madi starts begging Kate for chocolate. Kate tells her she doesn’t have any. She watches Madi head to my armoire, open it up and say, “Gamma’s choc-o-wit.” No wonder she’s been so hyper lately! I need a better hiding place.

P.S. Oh, she cracks me up. I couldn’t love her more.

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  1. sounds like she would fit in perfect around here! I love spunky little girls!