Monday, November 1, 2010

rain, rain go away!

I've never seen Tinkerbell carry an umbrella, but this one did. It rained like crazy Saturday night when we went trick-or-treating. We went to about eight houses and Ella was ready to come home. The last house we went to (the Wagoners) had Halloween mini note pads and pencils. Ella was so excited about them that when Rachel said she could have a candy too, she said she didn't want any! This girl has a MAJOR sweet tooth, but she loves, loves, loves art supplies and office supplies.

After we came home, Ella had a great time giving away our candy. Later in the evening it stopped raining and warmed up a bit. Kate and Shane took Madi and Ella out together. I guess there was a guy in the eighth ward dressed up as a very, very large woman. There was a sign by the door that read "lost dog." When the guy turned around to get the candy bowl, the backside of the dog was sticking out of his bum. Ella thought that was the most hilarious thing she'd ever seen and keeps talking about it. Oh my...

Of course today was beautiful with not a cloud in the sky.

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