Friday, November 26, 2010

not again!

Happy Black Friday! I hope you got some killer deals and a lot of your Christmas shopping done. We did pick up a few items, but our big purchase for the day was this:
water heater
I’m SO excited! (Add major sarcasm.)

A few years after we moved into our home, our furnace went out on Thanksgiving day. As you probably know, a service call on Thanksgiving--or any holiday--is very expensive. The next year, our furnace went out AGAIN on Thanksgiving day! True story. We now have our furnace checked every year in the fall, before it gets cold.

Fast forward to this Thanksgiving. Our furnace is doing nicely, but the water heater goes out. Seriously! It’s almost funny, except we had to buy a water heater today and it was twice what we expected with the new codes/installation. NOT what I wanted for Christmas. You would have thought there would be some great deals on water heaters on Black Friday. I guess it’s just not a hot selling item. Go figure.

I've invited the repairman and his family to Thanksgiving dinner next year so they can all be together, and dad only has to walk down the stairs instead of drive across the county.

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  1. I couldn't help but laugh a little at the way you told the story, but it really is a little bit unbelievable! What rotten luck!