Monday, October 4, 2010

wicked fun week, attention lurkers and a giveaway!

Happy October! Fall is definitely one of my favorite seasons--the weather, the colors, the decor and especially Halloween. I've collected some simple Halloween ideas I love--recipes, crafts, decor and just plain eye-candy. I'll share a new idea every day.

I'm also adding a special early Halloween treat for you to download at the end of the week. Here's the trick to getting it though. You have to comment on any post this week to be eligible. My sitemeter says there are A LOT of lurkers out there who read my blog, but don't ever comment. I want to hear from you! I promise, it's not scary. (Thanks to all my girlie friends who do comment all the time. I love it!) One more treat--a random commentor will be chosen to receive his or her choice of the printed version of my treat.

Here's wicked fun no. 1:
I saw these on last year and thought they were darling.

They'd make a great family night activity/snack. I also love that they're on sticks (and that they're chocolate!). Click here for the recipe.


  1. Ok. It's 4:46pm and I am starved. This is a darling idea that we can quickly make, even if we don't make the time put it on a stick. Our family will most definitely make these! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hey, I know what you mean about comments. I am going to make these. So cute.

  3. Those look delicious! I can't find the recipe though. Do you know what it's called?

  4. Helen, there's a link under the photo that says "for recipe click here" or something like that. I just checked it and it works fine. Enjoy and bring me one!