Sunday, September 26, 2010

our madi moo just turned two!

We had a delightful party for Madilyn's second birthday this weekend. She's growing up way too fast!

The birthday girl.


Our morning started with riding the ponies at Thanksgiving Point, Madi's favorite thing in the world to do. Both girls ride with no assistance now. We also went on the horse-drawn wagon ride and fed the animals.

We stopped at Cafe Rio for lunch, then headed home to finish up preparations for the party. Kate chose a farm theme to go along with the ponies.

Of course I had to make banners to match the theme.

Kate's friend Jen, brought over some animals from her farm and we had our own little petting zoo in the backyard. It was great and totally made the party. Thanks, Jen! The kids went crazy and we ended up with a lot more kids in the yard than planned. (It's a great way to get rid of all that cake.) :)

Speaking of cake, it was darling. The farmer took a face dive in the frosting on the way home, but we got that all worked out. Madi blew out the candle before we sang, so she thought it was pretty fun to do it twice. All day long she'd sing, "Happy Birthday, choo choo!"

Ella and Sienna helped Madi open all her gifts. Ella has this stroller and she and Madi fight over it all the time. We thought it would be a great idea to get Madi her own. And of course she needed a cute doll to push around. Grandpa Murph got her Baby Alive.

Kate put together amazing party bags for the kids to take home. They had a farm animal set, bubbles, mini M&M's and play dough--all of Madi's favorites. I have to mention that Kate's friend, Shane, went to four different Walmarts to find enough farm animal sets. I couldn't believe it. Now that's going the extra mile!

The party was fun. Unfortunately Madi had to go to the Instacare that night. She's had a bit of a runny nose Kate thought was allergies, but Mads started having severe coughing fits and throwing up. They gave her steroids and that seemed to help for awhile.

Happy Birthday Madi D! Gamma and Papa love you so much!

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