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Saturday, May 1, 2010

hit bottom

Yep, I've hit the bottom the bag of this delightful munchie.

I found these sweet potato chips at Costco last week and except for a couple of handfuls that Lynn was able to get to, I ate the entire bag myself! I'm addicted. I don't like regular fries, but I love sweet potato fries and and don't like regular chips, but these are amazing. Too bad they're so pricey--six bucks a bag! It's worth the splurge. Headed back to Costco today.


  1. I wondered how they were. Hmmm. Now I'm not sure I'm glad there is something else out there to tempt me.

  2. At least they're somewhat healthy! P.S. My blog comment notification thing worked. Thanks!

  3. These are absolutely the best treat around. And, a full serving of veggies in each serving! What more could a person ask for!

  4. Chocolate to go with them?