Tuesday, May 4, 2010

3M Command hooks

I love when bloggers share products they love. This is one of my favorite things:

What I love is that these 3M Command Hooks leave no holes. When you're done using them, you pull a strip at the bottom and they come right off. You can buy just the sticky strips if you run out, so you can use the hooks over and over. I have them on hand at all times and use the clear mini size most. I use them on my armoire, fireplace mantle, vinyl fence or railings to hang banners, like this:

Ella's adoption day celebration banner on the back vinyl fence. I used them on the armoire and fireplace mantle to hang the banners for Ella's Pinkalicious party decor.

I have five that stay up along the porch soffit to hang my paper lantern pumpkins in the fall...

...and my sparkly snowflakes in December. I use a much larger size hook to hang my Christmas wreath on the front door.


  1. I've heard the picture hanging strips are awesome!

    Here's one designer's testimonial: http://littlegreennotebook.blogspot.com/2010/03/how-to-decorate-bedroom-in-week.html

  2. I'm convinced. I'll pick up a pack of the picture hanging strips when I restock my hooks. Thanks, Helen.

  3. Love the idea !! And great advice about 3M Command hooks .
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