Saturday, March 27, 2010

photo walk

I had a great time with a group of photo enthusiast friends a few weeks ago. We did a photo walk, stopping at different locations around the neighborhood and around town. We had some darling models to pose for us. It was a great experience.This was our group (and a couple of our models). We had so much fun we started a photo club. We have an assignment each month and get together to share. It motivates me. I love beautiful photos and really want to develop my photography skills.

My goal is to get good enough to be able to photograph kids in foster care. The Utah Foster Care Foundation is a wonderful organization and was so supportive of us when we had Ella. And my heart goes out to the beautiful children in foster care. I want to give back and let them know how special I think they are. So I'll keep practicing.

We went to lunch at Zupas after the walk and guess who showed up for their own little lunch date? Lynn and Ella. We hadn't planned ahead of time where to eat, otherwise I would have thought they were checking up on me! Yep, these are some pretty wild women. ;)

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  1. I love you ladies! You make me want to be a photographer just so I can go with you!!