Wednesday, March 17, 2010

lovin' the green

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I saw these glasses at Target a few weeks ago. The combination of two of my favorite things--the color spring green and the dots--made them irresistable! Dots are so vintage and classic. They also remind me of Lynn's mom whose name was Dorothy.

So you know if I bought the glasses, I had to have the plate sets to go with them! Lynn didn't say a word. He just gets it. He's been shopping with me when I've purchased a cute dress, shoes or an outfit for Ella that I can't resist and is pricier than what I'd normally pay. He just says, "We're paying for the cute factor on this one, aren't we?" Yep, he gets it. Love you, hon. He knows I shop well the rest of the time, so my splurges are just that. Kate bought me a second set of the dishes for my birthday. Thanks, Kate! Love you. Lovin' the green today.

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  1. Very cute! They do look just like your spiffy, clean style.