Saturday, January 16, 2010

a sweet memory {Christmas}

Sometimes it takes just a simple reminder--something we see, hear or smell--to bring back memories from the past. These candy canes sitting on our counter reminded me of a comical incident from years ago when Kate was an infant.

My first year as a single mom, we decorated our Christmas tree with simple ornaments and candy canes. Knowing what a temptation they would be for almost two-year-old Kate, I hung the candy canes at the top of the tree where she couldn't reach them. I was in my bedroom of our little apartment one late afternoon, when I heard a huge crash and then complete silence. I ran to the family room to find our tree on it's side and two little hands and two little feet sticking out from between the branches of the tree. One hand still grasped a candy cane! Kate had climbed to the top of the Christmas tree, grabbed ahold of one sweet treat and held on for dear life as the tree toppled on top of her. I asked Kate if she was okay and all I heard was a triumphant, "Canny cane...canny cane!" Yes, I did let her eat it and promptly removed the rest of the candy canes from the tree.


  1. That sounds so much like Kate! hee hee

    If I would put chocolate up in our tree, the same thing would happen with Jordan. Except he's 15!

  2. What a great memory. I agree with the chocolate. I would climb the tree.